Mind Control - A COURSE IN MIRACLES, where it's bad to be good.

Thetford who reportedly liked boys and Schucman who was a Jewish atheist who allegedly talked to Jesus.

William Thetford and Helen Schucman wrote A Course In Miracles, published in 1976.

From 1971 to 1978 Thetford headed the CIA mind control Project MKULTRA Subproject 130.

MKULTRA involved the Nazi-style torture of large numbers of children.

"Bill Thetford was a gay man and he had lived with a few men during his life in New York City. He continued to have relationships with men after moving to California." (Website)

Shucman, who was Jewish, claimed that Jesus spoke to her, and helped her with the book.

A Course in Miracles "served to undermine authentic Christianity more effectively than just about any other work..." (Website)

"I have studied Hypnosis, and recognize the technique in A Course In Miracles as hypnotism techniques that create antagonism within the person. That is part of the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. Just go and read the first few lessons, and it would become obvious that the lessons are affirming opposite or conflicting beliefs."  (A Course in Miracles - A CIA Manipulation 1)

"Helen Schucman died in a state of PSYCHOTIC DEPRESSION, whilst her book states that pain does not exist."   (A Course in Miracles - A CIA Manipulation 1)

"Kenneth Wapnick, one of the key players of A Course in Miracles, explains:

"If we now attempt to follow the Holy Spirit's thinking, and we want to prove that the world is not real and that the sin of separation never happened, all that is needed is to prove that sin has no effect.

"If we could prove that the cause had no effect then the cause can no longer exist. If something is not a cause it is not real, because everything that is real must be a cause and thus have an effect. If we remove the effect we are also eliminating the cause." [12]

"The absurdity of these statements are self-evident. Wapnick is not suggesting to remove the sin but to pretend that sin has no effect." (A Course In Miracles [ACIM]. The Miracle of Brainwashing)

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