Yes, The Police Use Mind Control. Get Used to it.

My recent studies in mind control have lead me to how police get confessions from people they interrogate.

It's pretty sneaky, almost devious but it is completely within the law.

Yes, the police use MIND CONTROL!

So far the two best books on the subject of how to deal with a police mind control are written  by a former cop and a criminal attorney.

Both of these books have my FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION because they provide the most useful  information I've yet read on the subject.

The books are:

=> "How to Beat The Police Interrogation: Learn Their Dirty Tricks & Tools" by Anonymous

The anonymous author is a former police officer and he paints a clear picture of how think. The info is priceless.

Get the 99 cent kindle version and read on your PC if you don't have a Kindle reader. You will  NOT regret it.

Here is the amazon link:

Here is my second recommendation:

=> "Silence Is Power: A Lawyer's Step-by-Step Guide to Handling Police Interrogations and
Protecting Your Freedom
by Prince Adebayo Ogunmeno BA JD

This book is written by a criminal defense attorney and it too provides a valuable perspective for you.

Here is it's amazon link:

Both books emphasize two vital points
1) Know your rights.
2) Shut Up! Never say anything to a police officer
once you've established your indentity.

One thing I've learned from these two books is to stay calm, exercise your rights and, in the long run, you are likely to come out ahead.

Like I said, I HIGHLY recommend these books.

Get them.


Dantalion Jones 

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