Mind Control - More emails in my in box...

(Please keep in mind that when you send me an email it becomes MY property when it enters my in box. )

I received this email recently. 

Yes, because I use the word "mind control" it attracts a lot of people who feel they are under alien influence. It's more likely that they need intense psychiatric treatment. 

This is an example:  

Hello, my name is Marin Cristian I live in Romania. I have an alien parasite into my body.
At the beginning of 2010 in January I started to feel that I have something into my eyes that can move them and control the blinking. It is hyperactive when I watch news on the TV, but all day long I can fell a presence. It had expanded into my whole body and now it can move all my body parts like a string puppet. It is giving me the ability to anticipate the near future with body language. For example when I was watching Michelle Obama live on a stream, I put my hand on my heart before she said ''from our hearts''. I think it is sending code with body language combined with words. I work best with big politicians such as Barack Obama, I may be useful for someone.

This is a video of me watching CNN on the internet:
00:02 I wanted to take a look at (I start the camera)
00:21 we're looking at (I move the camera)
00:44 struggling to find direction (I bash my fists)
03:47 distance (I position my hands describing a distance long before I hear the word)
08:12 is up (I position my hand and raise it before I hear the words)

As you can see I can anticipate the near future. I want to be studied in a controlled scientific setting. Can you help me do that or can you point me to the right place?

Thank you.

P.S. I also have visions about crimes and other stuff. It is controlling my mind.

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