Mind Control - The Laws of Charisma

Large ImageWe have all met highly successful people who just radiated charisma. There seemed to be some aura about them that attracted us to them, made us attracted to their cause or want to buy into their product or services. We often wonder what magic these people were blessed with.

While there is no doubt that some people are naturally more charismatic than others, there are some basic skills that we can learn and develop which will greatly improve our charisma. The more charisma you possess, the higher your potential for success.

The book has 5 sections:

1 - Presence - What Do You Radiate.

Chapters in this section include among other things Passion, Optimism, Humor and Happiness and my favorite Energy and Balance (also called Vibrant Well Being)

2 - Core Qualities - The Inside Dictates the Outside.

Chapters in this section include such topics as Self-Discipline, Competence, Purpose, Integrity etc.

3 - Delivery and Communication - Speak with Conviction.

Chapters in this section talk about presentation skills, communication, listening etc. I have long been an advocate of Toastmasters for almost anyone at any level in an organization. Although this section of the book was on a lot more than just public speaking.

4 - Empowering Others: Contagious Cooperation

Chapters in this section talk about credibility, goodwill, empathy, respect etc. I know from experience that empowered teams accomplish great things. I also know that my "control freak" attitudes through the years have held me back. I am getting better at this though (the more I know myself, the better I do)

5 - Subconscious Triggers:It Just Feels Right - Or Not.

Chapters here talk about emotional state, how you say things and even physical appearance (uh oh - better up my game).

The conclusion was "The Fable of the Fighting Brothers" which I read with interest since I grew up with 3 brothers and we did our fair share of fighting. And of course I could tell you the whole fable but there is a difference between a book review and a book summary - and this is a review.

And one of the closing quotes from the book:

"It is not what you are going to do, its what you are doing now that counts" Napoleon Hill

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