The Secrets of Evil Mind Control

Can you use mind control, hypnosis and NLP to hurt people?

The short answer is yes and most people studying NLP have probably heard of the infamous "Dark Side" patterns that can create suicidal depression.  But it seems really ... REALLY ... hard to find anyone who can do these patterns well enough to get noticeable results.

I was talking with Jeff Stephens (my co-trainer for the recent Mind Control Hypnosis Seminar) about people who use mind control to hurt people and he shared the same observation.

A good example was a man I met at a hypnosis training. He seemed quite sincere about learning these skills and outwardly said that he wanted to create a cult and eventually rule the world. The seminar revealed that he could barely follow the instructions to create hypnosis.

Yes, it is possible to use hypnosis, NLP and other persuasion techniques to hurt people so why are most of these people so bad at it?

If doing good things with Hypnosis and NLP is documented and relatively easy why is doing destructive things so hard?

Possibility #1
The first thing that comes to mind is one of transparency. If you want to hurt someone you have to be covert and devious to hide your intent, i.e., you have to lie. Most people are not very good at lying and the energy it takes to conceal ones intent while doing a dark side pattern often leaks out and is noticed by the potential victim. They may not know consciously what is going on but are reacting to subconscious cues that scream "Shields Up!".

Possibility #2
I've also found that those who want to do ill to others often lack any real sense of power. They jump into learning these skills in hopes to gain more power (This describes *my* early life). As they learn these skills they incrementally gain more and more power and their taste for power become satisfied. As with many things we human beings want, once we have enough of something, in this case power, other things become more interesting and our attention drifts.

Possibility #3
I've noticed that some people want power simply because they are lacking many areas of social and intellectual competence. These people see "power" and the ability to do harm as a solution other deficiencies.  What they don't realize is that their lack of social skills and "smarts" are a key factor in using any of these skills, therefore they not even good using them to help people.

You'll notice that nothing here has anything to do with karma only competence.

Yes, there are people who have can use dark side patterns for ill and who use NLP and hypnosis to build cults but they tend to be sociopaths with no internal moral compass. They can also be people so impassioned by their own beliefs and agenda that they feel justified in using these skills. This passion allows them to act congruently. Both of these examples are thankfully rare.

In Conclusion, should you be worried about people using mind control to hurt you? Not as much as you might think but it's always good to know how they are done just so that you can protect yourself. 

Send me your thoughts in the comments below.

Dantalion Jones

Mind Control

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