Mind Control - The Art of Manipulation

Even from ancient times, people had to learn the art of manipulation in order to face and be ready to deceive their enemy. Nowadays, using science and this amazing art, people are able to perform a lot of interesting things in this life that could benefit them both psychologically and financially. Sometimes it is quite frustrating to see that more and more people consider that in order to manipulate someone you have to know magic and stuff like that. I would like to end this myth once and for all. It’s all just a matter of knowledge, commitment and willpower in order to practice hard and make it work. You searched for how to manipulate and you reached this blog. We offer you the ultimate guide to manipulative psychology that you can get these days on the internet. From this moment on it’s all up to you to take action and achieve your goal if you really want to be able to influence those around you by manipulation.

Yes, manipulation is science, but it can also be considered an art. Just like martial arts. The science to fight expressed in various forms that can be interpreted as arts of the past and present times. Manipulation has a lot to do with psychology; anyway, the form that we are about to present to you and that you will have the unique chance to learn when you get the Manipulative Psychology 101 does not require you to be a specialist in psychology or have a degree or something like this. Knowledge has nothing to do with bureaucracy. If you know how something is done you are ready to implement it no matter when and how it really happens. So let’s destroy the myth and the illusion that only those a few secret societies can and do have access to such knowledge. Folks! Anyone can do it. You just have to really want it and you’ll manage to succeed. No other stupid things are required. Do not waste your time and brain’s operational memory with things that you simply don’t need any more.

If you want to learn how to manipulate women you are going to need to understand the art of manipulation because otherwise you won’t be able to realize how those principles and techniques that you learn to implement really work. See, everything in this life (and especially when dealing with psychological manipulation) is in a straight connection with one another. It’s really nice to see that people do things that they want to do and it is not just a matter of being fancy and arrogant (because most of the things are those jerks that you don’t like), but because they finally realized that manipulation is all about being able to control what you do, how you do and why you do it, in direct concordance with the rest of the stuff that happens to you on a daily basis. When we speak about social manipulation, the art of doing it is hidden inside you, but they key to open it is into Manipulative Psychology 101. Yes, it is, even if you don’t want to understand that; but don’t you think that it is time to change something in your life once and for all and get the things that you want?


  1. Mind control is a very interesting topic for a blog, but you seem to take a very adolescent approach to the subject. Why not discuss how human beings can liberate ourselves from mental slavery, not how we can manipulate women and control others? Grow up dude!

  2. He's very obviously appealing to the immature side of people. Really, what guy doesn't want to be able to land that hot chick, and who wouldnt want to be able to get what they want more often? He's, in essence, manipulating his audience into reading his stuff. There's simply more simple minded "Help me get the girl" people out there than there are pretentious "Liberators" like yourself.


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