Mind Control Emails

Occasionally I get emails that are, to say the least "interesting". This is one of them. My reply follows. 
~ Dantalion Jones
 can you tell me if the implant casual behind right ear can be seen by an xray
 i know someone whos a genuine victim, he had to throw "shaun osborne" a homo mason across the room. the homo mason claimed a porn video of a corrupt politician was stolen. thats  the story in a nut shell. homo mason has deceived everyone with bullshit  and used the implant transmissions to pester the victim for 11 years. i need you to tell me whos best to speak  to. i dont want to waste time talking  to some fruit cake. get back to me, its important.

My Reply:
You need to talk to a psychiatrist or a neurologist. Tell them the whole
story and ask if there is a need for "respudol".

It's the best I can do.

His Reply:
 you dont kow anything about implants? ........ok, ive created an account with your site, user name "awake11" registered to this email address. can you  delete that because i wont be using it.

My Reply:I know "OF" implants from all the paranoid conspiracy theories but I've
never seen one or worked with one.

So there are lot's of claims but no evidence.

Got it?


His Reply: 
"got it" you say? whats with your attitude? do you prefer to speak with schizophrenics that believe they're being mind controlled. does that make you feel superior?

i reckon you dont want to know about this because i have details about shaun osborne the homo mason... you people call them perps dont you.

you may aswell smash your head against a wall dantalion. pretty soon my topic is going to expose you people that mislead victims from the truth. your all scum lol. let me guess, hereditary yeah? fucking wanker! 

My Reply:

Now you're making this FUN!

By your name calling you are letting me know I'm in control.

Didn't you ever think you are messing with the wrong person?


= = =

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  1. You should have a "letter of the week" regular posting of the stuff you get like this. This guy's logic is confusing at best. Certainly entertaining.


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