How to Stop Mind Control

Here is an "interesting" post I found on a forum. It was posted my someone who feels they are bing mind controlled. My opinion is that the poor gent is completely "wack" and deserves some kindness before being completely ignored.
~Dantalion Jones

There is evidence of psychotronic mind manipulation going on. If you don't believe in 'that sort of thing,' it's understandable. These strategies can be used regardless of the belief for or against psychotronic mind control.

A brief description of how mind control works:

When alone, I am constantly bombarded with thoughts of rape, molestation, torture, you name it. When alone, and this stuff is hitting me 24/7, eventually, I'm going to get desensitized, and eventually, because I am a sexual being, as all beings here are, my sexual arousal is going to get linked to the atrocities that constantly bombard my mind. This is mind control. Now, I know that I would never allow, or be okay with, someone being abused if it was happening right in front of me. I would become very upset about it. However, eventually, as I continue to live alone, my sense of reality, and my will, can be broken down by this constant bombardment, and my mind can eventually be conditioned to no longer differentiate between the real world and the atrocities bombarding my mind. If this happened, I would no longer care if atrocities were happening in front of me, and I would participate in such atrocities myself, and I would enjoy it.

In short, this is how a person's ethical code is destroyed, and this is how civilizations are destroyed. This chaotic energy takes people over, and they find themselves doing things that they never could have imagined themselves doing.

Methods to effectively combat this mind control:

1.Find others to interact with and connect with on a regular basis.

2.Find ways to distract yourself from the constant bombardment

3.Don't entertain games of “What if I'm Evil?” This only feeds into fear which fuels the mind control process.

4.Interrupt the thoughts with opposite thoughts, regardless of whether or not you fully mean them.

5.Don't allow fear of hurting other people stop you from making friends.

6.Don't try to figure out what other people may or may not think of you. Just let go and be yourself (only when around others. When alone, mind control must be actively fought to not to give in.)

7.There is a popular belief that is instilled in me that if I have given into Evil when alone inside myself in the past, I can never again return and be a good person. This is not true. Many have turned themselves around after doing horrible things. You stand an excellent chance of turning yourself around.

8.Do not entertain the belief that humans are inherently Evil. Evil is learned.

9.Be compassionate and allow yourself to cry. Don't allow arrogance, pride, and the need to always be right get in the way of emotional release.

10.Don't judge yourself and hate yourself for having horrific thoughts associated with pleasurable feelings. Hating yourself only allows the mind control to progress further. Know that you are not really these thoughts and feelings.

11.Don't entertain the belief that 'It's the end of the world and we're all going to die anyway, so nothing matters.' This isn't knowable. What if this belief never comes to pass? Don't use the excuse of, “It's the end of the world anyway” to throw away who you are. What if you throw your life away and the world doesn't end?

12.Alcohol is very popular, as well as caffeine, cigarettes, and excessive sugar. These substances only weaken the will, and cause the mind to be more easily manipulated. Also, other drugs, like marijuana, open up the mind to be further manipulated.

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  1. Talk about turning a Negative into a Positive...this is great stuff. I can sympathize with that individual, I feel the same way a lot of the time.


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