I finally get Twitter…

I finally get Twitter…

by pace on Mar.04, 2009,

Even the Illuminati has standards and I’m probably just getting old here, but I’ve gotten almost every Internet technology that has been around in the last 15 years right away. I’ve evangelized most of it, but I just didn’t get Twitter.

Tweet this MoFo!

Who cares what your friends are doing second by second. If you really need to be joined at the hip to them, then you should be living with them, not stalking them with your mobile. So who, why, what is this seemingly stupid technology for?

Republicans. That’s right, the kings of sound byte nonsense have found their dream technology. So, move the fuck over Dems, Independents, and whatever else you may call yourself. You are all relegated to that blog zone where sentences and paragraphs rule the land. Just you watch, they already love this shit, it will only get worse. At least I won’t have to put up with paying attention to them because I’m not loading that software on any of my devices.

Now I’m going to have to get Rove’s tweets linked under this… Or not.

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