Reexamining the Illuminati's Master Plan

Population Earth: 500 Million.
Reexamining the Illuminati's Master Plan

by Stephane Wuttunee

Despite its inherent madness and insanity, one has to admit that from a certain perspective, the Illuminati's supposed intent to eliminate a large portion of human beings from the Earth through economic, biological, psychological, and spiritual warfare actually makes sense.

Whoa - back up!

Have I lost it?

Well, no. I haven't.

For the record, allow me to state that as of yet, I have not received the vaccine injection - (and neither do I intend to, after having performed extensive research). No person has contacted or bribed or coerced me. No mind-altering substances course my veins. Rather, I'm simply looking at our current predicament as a species through a bird's eye view.

You see, when one is in the air at 55,000 feet and looking down from a window towards our glorious planet Earth, it becomes ridiculously easy to let the mind wander and start thinking about our existence through a deity's mindset. So please indulge my temporary delusion and jump on with me for the ride, will you? I promise it will be interesting.

Earth's population currently sits at nearly 6.8 billion human beings. If the Georgia Guidestones are correctly interpreted, then what may be setting itself up to take place soon is a culling of the human herd - to the tune of 500 million people being spared from death. Obviously, that means a lot of people will soon be having a very bad day - if the supposed plan works out.

But is such a plan even likely to exist? And if so, is it feasible?

Any rational mind would conclude upon looking at our state of being upon planet Earth that we stand on thin ice in terms of whether or not our kind is sure to exist and evolve within the next few years. With ever increasing numbers of people gobbling up an ever shrinking pool of natural resources, we are headed down a treacherous path. And if the natural world is anything to go by these days, what usually happens in such scenarios is one of two things:

1) We will continue to multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and we die off in huge numbers from malnutrition and disease, leaving behind a scarred and damaged planet.

2) We will somehow 'wake up' and undergo a paradigm shift and collectively reduce our numbers just in time before calamity strikes through a self imposed moratorium or slowing down of our birth rate.

The bottom line is that we are in deep trouble. And if something is not done soon to help or force us to reverse course or change direction, most of us will die prematurely.

Now, the sheer genius and practicality of the way that the world is set up makes it easy for an elite group of wealthy and influential individuals to kill us off. How? Well, for one, you need to be smart enough to realize that you shouldn't participate in the massacre yourself. You need henchmen and proxies for that. Your only role is to guide and direct them and to make certain they know their pay and livelihood depends upon their loyalty. As scary as it sounds, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that even if law enforcement and military personnel bring us into concentration camps during a pandemic, that they themselves will not be tuned in to the atrocities that might take place soon after. In fact, they would think they are doing the right and just thing for everyone involved. The compartmentalization of information and duties so often found within the military industrial complex serves perfectly here as well: maintain a strong and secure chain of command while making sure no one possesses the big picture. Especially do not let anyone know that the virus or element responsible for killing off the masses was artificially created. The average soldier or officer would simply see people being killed by a naturally occurring virus and the bodies needing to be disposed of efficiently and quickly. And if several thousand people become infected and need to be quarantined, then at least they can live in relative comfort until their symptoms worsen or improve. No violence, no guilt. Easy.

Insidious, isn't it?

Okay, so why do it in the first place? I mean, why would anyone in their right mind actually set this scenario up to begin with?

There are many reasons. The first one is economics. At the risk of highlighting the obvious, many people love money and power so much that everything else in their life has become eclipsed. We're not talking about mere millionaire bosses and foremen. We're referring to multinationals. People who are so rich and influential that they no longer consider themselves to be part of any country or group aside their own. Heck, these people probably don't even consider themselves to be human. Sex with anyone they want, the power to purchase anything their heart desires, employees and associates that scramble to give them attention whenever they walk into a room - they like to believe they have it all. That kind of presence and power tends to scramble and distort one's thinking. Such individuals might easily coalesce and put together a series of events leading up towards the currently unfolding nightmarish scenarios. Whatever big happening or event you see taking place now, you can almost bet it was thought up decades ago. Chaos might happen in an instant, but it takes time to set the pieces.

The second reason these twisted souls might wish to cleanse the Earth is that they actually believe they're doing something good. They think it is both just and righteous to take matters into their own hands by guiding and influencing human destiny - even if that path leads towards the annihilation of many. They have the time, interest, money, influence, and resources, so why not do it? In the end, they reason to themselves, future generations will be thankful for actions taken now.

The third (and scariest) reason has to do with religion. As crazy as it sounds, there are people out there (and probably right within your own neighborhood) who would kill to be able to force or flush out a Messiah to return to fix Earth's problems. The power of prophecy and sainthood (even in its most perverted sense) has a powerful pull upon many. And if a crisis can be generated to achieve this surreal goal, then people involved in such schemes will do anything it takes to do so. Nothing (and I don't say this lightly) can stand in their way.

But in the end, crises, whether artificially created or not, always have a way of sorting themselves out. The big problem I have with this entire Illuminati operation isn't its evilness or insanity. It's the logistics. Both Rome and Germany proved that spreading yourself too thin is the best way to lose your power and influence. Sooner or later, you'll get found out. And as the saying goes; ' once the people lose it all, they lose it'. The 'powers that be' had better rethink their strategy if they think that a mandatory vaccination program will find the masses willingly showing up at clinics or moving into camps. Instead, I strongly and confidently predict worldwide rioting and resistance at levels the world has not seen before. No military or law enforcement force anywhere will be able to cope and deal adequately with the unrest such decision making will create. Heads would roll from the top down, trust in that.

In terms of the Swine Flu pandemic, I am reminded of a certain crop circle formation that took place in June 2009. The formation resembled the international biological hazard symbol. Did ETs or interdimensionals know of the trials and plight we would find ourselves in later this year? My bet is that they did.

I'd like to propose another exit strategy for our kind, one that although it does not seem responsible or likely to occur, might still be possible: direct intervention and guidance by an outside element (the famed Deus Ex Machina scenario). Angels? Spirits? Extraterrestrials or interdimensionals? Take your pick. When one is knee deep in manure as we are at this time, any thrown line is grabbed onto. The straws ran out a long time ago, that's for sure.

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