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Friday, December 29, 2006

The "Other" Secret conspiracy

There is this big internet movie, the first of its kind, called "The Secret".

It was the first full length movie to market itself exclusively on the internet for internet users to purchase and see.

The gist of the movie, i.e., the "secret", is that we've always been in COMPLETE control of our lives and only now is that information becoming widely available.

Well, there is another secret that no one is ever really going to tell you (except me) that no one wants you to know.

The new secret is that for every person who says, believes and practices the words "You're completely in charge of life. You create your reality." There will 100,000 other people who won't even try to live up to that even if they think they are trying.

Form most of the time of humanity obesity wasn't a problem until now and people have to exercise their will to stay thin.

The fact is that accepting responsibility for your life is, for most, just too much damn work. Just look at all the people who go to a hypnotist to lose weight thinking it's a magic pill and all they do is go to sleep. Later they whine "It's not working." when the truth is They are not working.

So the good news is you're completely in charge of your reality.

The bad news is most people don't like the responsibility.

The more good news is that we can now exploit the bad news and begin to market simple, lazy-mans solutions to everyday problems while reinforcing that "It's not your fault".

Let's think of it as a conspiracy. On the one hand we'll teach personal responsibility and take money from people who want to have us teach that to them. On the other hand we can tell the rest of the people "It's not your fault but I can help with my special "magic" pill/program/process and solve your problem."

It's the best damn conspiracy I can think of!!!!

I think other people have figured it out I just the first I know to openly admit it.

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