These forefathers of modern-day terror—and counter-terror—orchestrated infamous Cold War mind-control projects:

Sidney Gottlieb
sought methods to “crush the human psyche”

  • Sidney Gottlieb, the U.S. intelligence community’s “Black Sorcerer,” developed a mind-control obsession that paid psychiatrists to develop “techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything.”

  • George H. Estabrooks
    Psychologist, hypnotism expert

  • Colgate University professor and psychologist George Estabrooks gleefully described hypnotizing and programming Allied soldiers during World War II to execute tasks without their knowledge or consent.

    According to Estabrooks, creating assassins depended upon “splitting” the subject’s personality, or making a “multiple personality,” through hypnotism. “This has and is being done. I have done it,” he said. “What has been done once can be done again. It is child’s play now to develop a multiple personality through hypnotism.”

    By Estabrooks’ estimates, one person in five made a good subject for hypnosis; one in 20 would qualify as “excellent.”

  • William Sargant
    mind-control psychiatrist

  • William Sargant was a founder and director of the Department of Psychological Medicine at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, where he set up shop for his ghoulish mind-control experiments in a rat-infested basement. Translations of excerpts of Sargant’s Battle for the Mind have reportedly been found in al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.

  • Dantaltion Jones
    Just a REAL cool guy.

  • Dantalion Jones has authored many books on hypnosis and mind control and does not take himself as seriously as most people think.

    His forthcoming book project is a follow-up to "Cult Control" called "Building Your Cult" and the web site is at at

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