Crazy Psychologists

This story is REALLY crazy. In short, a psychologist begins to believe the unconfirmed crazy ramblings of her delusion patient. I'll let you be the judge.

~ Dantalion Jones

Psychologist crossing the line The woman had multiple personalities, thought she had been captured and subjected to government mind control experiments, and said a satanic cult was trying to control her with lasers. You might think that being in therapy would help her – but the therapist gave her dark glasses to ward off the “lasers,” and “encouraged her to concoct even crazier theories,” reports the Star Tribune.

St. Cloud psychologist Suzanne James explained to state investigators that her patient “had been set up from conception to become the bride of the High One at age 50 and at that point she would supervise the cult rituals.” When the woman’s psychiatrist objected to James’s unorthodox behavior and “treatment,” James told her patient to stop seeing the psychiatrist. Yet, despite the investigating board’s conclusion that James is “unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety,” it merely limited her practice for two years, and did not revoke her license. The Strib reports on the difficulty faced by peer reviewing boards:

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R. Christopher Barden, a lawyer and psychologist who served on the Minnesota Board of Psychology in the 1990s, said licensing boards struggle with inherent conflicts of interest because they’re supervising their peers. In a previous interview with another newspaper, Barden described such agencies as “captured boards” that act more like therapists than regulators aimed at protecting the public.

Gary Schoener, executive director of the Walk-In Counseling Center and an expert in cases of professional misconduct, said James clearly stepped over the line. But he said psychologists sometimes become overly absorbed in their clients' lives.

"Some therapists are suggestible," he said. "The clients are very convincing and they get worried about the client and they lose their boundaries."


  1. As it happens, a friend of mine is mentally ill, and is preparing to become a psychiatric social worker. Apparently a lot of people go into the field because of their own psychiatric histories...

  2. Yeah, you also find a lot of paranoids studying psionics.


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