If you could read my email ....

I do get some weird emails in my mailbox. This one was sent to me with the "illegal microchip implant":

I do need help badly because I'm getting killed by electronic torture and stalking. The six ridiculous extended elementary school ex GDR sows are "working" for a multi millionaire who wanted to date me 10 years ago but I discovered immediately that he's a stalker. He terrorized me in clinics, etc etc etc. Since I'm happily married here in the US I'm getting my ex beautiful face and body destroyed by laser scars, etc. My husband stands by my side but we do need advise. Is there an opportunity that I could get monitored so that I'll have the proof that I got implanted against my will? (I think I can tell that it happened so many years ago when I was knocked out in my parents house where the sow stole my underwear several times.) If you want to have more details, please contact me. Before I'm getting killed I'd like to give you the name of one of the dirtiest sows of west germany as well as the names of the little east german sows. By the way ... I'm not the only person who might have gotten a microchip implant from this dirty warehouse millionaire.

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My Reply:

The only thing that I know of that can counter illegal microchip implants is a drug regimine of respadal, haldol and klonopin.

These drugs are highly regulated in America and even the people who know about their microchip blocking effects have to go through a lot of trouble to get them prescribed.

To get them all you do is go to any doctor and explain your problem of illegal microchip implants then tell them you wnat those drugs to help "block the affect". They may have to refer you around a bit to a "specialist" before they give them but these drugs have been known to help.

I'm sorry that I cannot help you more.



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