12th Annual USA Memory Championship

"The Olympics of the Mind"

Remembering faces and facts could get you some worldwide recognition. The 12th Annual USA Memory Championship will return to New York City on Saturday, March 7th for its 12th year and the organizers are currently seeking mnemonics masters and adventurous newcomers with good memory skills -- anyone from students to secretaries, scientists to salesmen to retired folks -- to compete in the brain-busting events.

The winner becomes eligible to represent the US and compete in the international competition in Bahrain, which will be held in November of this year.

The 2006 winner signed a $1.2 million dollar book deal with Penguin and Paramount Pictures bought the movie rights.

To win the crown, contestants participate in an array of events, including memorizing a 50-line unpublished poem, recalling the order of a shuffled deck of cards, and mastering a list of 500 random numbers in only 5 minutes.

Championship founder Tony Dottino states, "Our mental athletes use as much energy as aerobic athletes. When they finish recalling the 50 line poem, you see heads drop on the table!"

This cranium challenge invites contestants as young as 12 and as old as 100.

Saturday, March 7th, Manhattan
Con Edison Grand Auditorium
4 Irving Place, 14th Street, near Union Square
Lunch break: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Spectators: Free
Contestants: $25 to register (no pre-qualification required)
Students 22 and under: free registration

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