Black Ops Psychic Warriors

by Timothy K. Perry

Is there an elite group of Black Ops agents able to wage clandestine war with the specially trained psychic power of their minds? Being able to strike and hit people, set them on fire, and blow up buildings with just the power of one's mind has long since been the staple of many a horror and science-fiction movie, but the reported power behind such abilities is apparently real. We do know as a fact of historical record, (from now declassified agency documents), that the U.S. government experimented with MK-Ultra mind control as well as Remote Viewing technologies. A portion of these experiements involved people using the power of their minds to move objects, as specialized systems of controlled mental projection and its ability to physically alter the material world were developed.

This power of the mind is called Telekinesis (TK) or Psychokinesis (PK). Psychokinesis is the ability to move? and affect people, places and things with just the mind, through a kind of preternatural remote-control. The term itself is from two Greek words, psycho ( mind), and kinesis? (motion). But regardless of what it's called, this frightening uncanny ability of the mind to affect and move matter, time, space, and energy without physical touch has long since been one of the more controversial subjects in the paranormal world. According to various laboratory tests, two kinds of PK have been definied: Micro-PK and Macro-PK. Micro-PK, by definition of its term, involves PK power that can effect the tiniest particles of air, earth, and water, down to the molecular subatomic levels. Tests have shown that PK power when properly focused can speed up chemical combustion processes, even changing solids into liquids. This kind of PK action is known as pyrokinesis. Its opposite is the ability to zap people, places and things in the deep freeze, cryokinesis. The ability to control the particles in the the air itself is known as aerokinesis. The ability of PK powered people to do this has actually been measured by various scientific instruments. Macro PK then, is PK power that can destroy bridges, move mountains, and yes, physically assault people.

Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis, or RSPK, is believed by many investigative researchers to be the power behind the poltergeist phenomenon. Parapyschologist William Roll to define the abrupt movement of objects using mind power in front of other people without the deliberate wish of the PK gifted person to do so. Some researchers believe this is the unconscious movement or activity of the subconscious mind, and might be the real reason behind poltergeist phenomenona.

A PK Agent is the term for someone who effects this spontaneous poltergiest-like activity with his or her mind. Such activity has been known to include violent attacks, knives flying off kitchen shelves and being thrown at priests, parapsychologists, even family members of the affected PK agent. Strangely enough, the findings of many paranormal investigators concerning poltergeists usually concur on a single point: Poltergeists are almost always associated with a human teenager living at the affected place. This teen is usually undergoing various hormonal/biological changes related to puberty. It has been conjectured that this biophysical process also has a PK side-effect which can manifest these poltergeists.

Another well-known type of PK power, "Object Deformation", is the ability to bend metal objects by using just the mind. Celebrated psychic Uri Geller made a career of bending untensils by using just his focused mind power. Before Geller, the Russians experimented with this technique as well in their psy ops programs. Nina Kulagina, a Russian skilled at this ability, has even been filmed performing demonstrations of PK feats.?? Another PK person Felicia Parise, an American PK sensitive, had her feats of PK prowess make newspaper headlines in the 1970s. Parise was reported to be able to move the needle of a compass with her mind, as well as sheets of aluminum foil that have been placed inside a bell jar. However, Parise reportedly stopped the practice because of the strain on the physical body this energy created. Swami Rama was another PK sensitive. He reportedly demonstrated his PK abilities at the Menninger Foundation in 1970. In this demonstration, he allegedly made a knitting needle move with his mind from five feet away. What's more, he reportedly wore a face mask while he performed this feat.

A PK-induced thoughtform can be the physical manifestation of either individual or group thought, and can, of course, be either good or evil. Some paranormal researchers believe that certain manifestations of Bigfoot or Sasquatch are tulpa-related. In the Orient, especially Tibet, the tulpa is well-known as a creation made through especially focused, highly concentrated willpower and visualization. Tulpas, often fashioned in the image of the mystic who crated them, can be seen in the marketplace or other public areas, sometimes appearing to be an exact replica or doppelganger of the mystic. One of the most well-known controversial tulpas was reportedly created by Alexandra Neel in the 1800s, who deliberately focused on creating a rotund monk. However, it was reported that this "monk" started acting independently and began to run amok, in effect, Neel having had created a real-life Frankenstein. Reports are that this creature had to be forcibly "dematerialized" or destroyed.

The unusual practice of Thoughtography is another important PK manifestation, and is perhaps one of the most graphic examples of using such mind power. Even so, it is still very controversial among many investigative researchers, many of whom still deny that such a process can be scientifically validated. Simply put, Thoughtography is the process of creating or transmitting images from the mind onto photographic film. It is sometimes called "Nengraphy", or "Projected Thermography". The most well-known example of this PK power was alleged to have occurred almost 100 years ago in Japan. According to the report, Tokyo University Professor Tomokichi Fukurai experimented with a test subject named Ikuko Nagao. Through a process which he called "Nensha", he was able to get Ikuko to produce images from her mind directly onto a film. However, it was reported that shortly after these experiments, Ikuko died from a cerebral fever. Undaunted, the professor continued on with his research, eventually producing the work "Clairvoyance and Thoughtgraphy".

For obvious reasons, Black Ops government agents who have been trained in PK power to manipulate other people's minds as well as ignite fires, or otherwise create physical havoc in the material world are not going on television or radio talk shows to brag about their black abilities. Although there was at least one person who broke free of these programs and briefly described elements of these alleged PK programs.This survivor, who, for security purposes, we must only refer to as "Capt. Dean", revealed fantastic allegations of having once been recruited as a ten year old child into a select group of child psychics by a specialized CIA Black Ops program specifically created to develop, harnass and then refine the psychic powers of these children into lethal weaponry.

According to Capt. Dean, these children were rigorously trained to actually use the powers of their minds to physically attack as well as change the physical environment. And they were apparently succesful in most of their missions. He even claims to have been sent into Viet Nam with a small group of similarly trained psychic child warriors on training missions. Dean's experiences with this group began more than35 years ago. We can only shudder in horror at what the current group of Black Ops warriors are up to. But whatever missions they are currently engaged in at the present, one thing is certain, the public will never know.

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