How To Dilate Your Pupils At Will

Can you dilate your pupils whenever you want? Here is a nice little party trick that will freak some people out and have others amazed.

In an earlier post I touched on the subject of pupil dilation, but my explanation seemed a bit lacking. In that post I only explained how to slightly dilate your pupils. In this guide I will get you to really dilate them.

The materials that you will need:

A mirror, a flashlight/desklamp, and some free time. A video camera or someone who will watch your eyes is also very helpful.

See Your Pupils In Action

Using the mirror and the flashlight, briefly shine the light in your eyes and you will see your pupil first contract and then return to a normal size. This is the normal response that your eyes have to changes in light. If you make the room really dark you will notice very large changes in the size of your pupils.

Blur Your Eyes

The first thing that you will want to learn is how to blur your eyes correctly. While looking at the writing on this page try to make the text blurry and unreadable. It’s a little bit like looking at those “magic eye”/stereogram pictures. Your eyes will feel really relaxed if you are doing it right, but be careful not to unfocus beyond the point of blurriness. (If you begin to see double you have either crossed your eyes or “looked through” too far. Refocus and try again.) If you are blurring your eyes correctly the text should get blurry both to the left and right, and up and down. The spaces between lines should disappear and paragraphs should look like gray boxes.

Once you’ve gotten this technique down try it with other objects in the room. The up and down “fuzz” is a pretty good sign that’s you’ve got it down correctly.

Tense Your Stomach Muscles

I wasn’t aware of this until recently (thanks for the comment Ryan.A.H), If you tighten and flex the muscles in your stomach it will help you to widen your pupils even further. A girl on youtube (marchviolets) also claims the same thing with video proof, “I can tense my tummy and they suddenly become quite huge.”

Think About Something You Like

The last step is to think about something that you enjoy. Your favorite food or your hobby will work just fine. Thoughts that get your adrenaline going (sexual images, things you fear, etc) will also work to make your pupils bigger.

Use the Mirror

Now try it doing these three things while looking in the mirror. Blur your eyes, tense your stomach and imagine something you like. You probably won’t be able to see your pupils clearly (because your vision will be blurred), but when you focus you should be able to briefly see them shrink back down. Anytime that you want to shrink your pupils back down, relax your stomach and try to focus intently on something.

If you record yourself on camera you should be able to see them get bigger and then shrink back down when you focus.

With some practice you will be able to do this on command. The bizarre party trick is to grow and shrink your pupils rapidly; it will seriously freak people out. Good Luck.

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  2. I can do this without blurrying my eyes. I just have to think about it and concentrate...


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