Overcoming your Illuminati Programming (and selling your book at the same time)

Here is an interview with Stewart Swerdlow.

Swerdlow claims to explain all the effects of Illuminati programming and how he overcame hidden programs as he tries to hawk his book "13 Cubed".

There is something I do like about Swerdlow and that is, right or wrong, he has a paranoid world view that is amoral. In other words, he is able to look at the world as the so-called alien-reptilian controllers see it and say "From their perspective they are doing the best thing and here is why."

Stewart Swerdlow talks about the Montauk Project, Mind-Control and his new book “13 Cubed – Case Studies in Mind-Control & Programming”.

Topics Discussed: What is the Montauk Project?, Roswell Incident Created? The Cold War, Soviet Threat, Montauk Sage Radar Station, Stewarts Family Connections to Soviet Russia, Mind Control headed by German US and Soviet, Why Project crashed in 1983, Alien Chair to Create Matter, Hyperspace Work? Adrenochrome, NSA, We come in Peace, Who is behind is the Experiments, 13 Cubed – Case Studies in Mind-Control & Programming, Cell Towers, Satellite Transmissions?, and much more. Don’t miss our Superb Subscriber Interview with Stewart on the Illuminati, the Alien Agenda & the Blue Bloods.

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  1. i have been a target for years. I beleave it is the nsa doing this. www.amazonwebworld.com/nsa targetguy777@hotmail.com


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