A Wiki Tour of Cults, Conspiracies, and Kooks

An online wiki web site (similar to Wikipedia) has launched a project to categorize strange, fringe, bizarre, and Slackful sources of information.

The First Online Church of "Bob" (http://www.modemac.com) has opened its doors to the public, to allow for wider exposure of the so-called "fringe elements" of our society: the strange, the weird, the blasphemous, the Slackful, and the subversive. This site is dedicated to providing you, the reader, with a gateway to many strange, unusual, useful, and above all SLACKFUL sources of information. And because we are using wiki software, we are able to be constantly updated. Anyone is free to add their own contributions to this Web site - which guarantees that we will never be outdated.

Topic covered at The High Weirdness Project include religious cults, conspiracy theories, science and pseudo-science, and extensive sections on entertainment (including cult movies and online comics).

This ministry has been online since April 1994, and our Web site has been in operation since May 1995. We are proud to have been at the focus of various controversies involving the Church of Scientology and its war against the Internet; the net.kooks and spammers of the news.admin.net-abuse.* newsgroups; and the great X-Day gatherings of 1998 through the present day at Brushwood (home of Starwood).

This project is open for mutants, SubGenii, Discordians, hackers, blasphemers, and other unmentionables far and wide to visit, read, and make their own contributions. Feel free to add your links to whatever parts of the page you find appropriate - Other Mutants, Music, Books and Zines, Sex, or what have you. At the moment, we have sections on culture jamming, media manipulation, and information warfare that have made a good start, but are still in need of development.

The First Online Church of "Bob" was founded as a way of opening people's eyes to the truth about the Conspiracy, so as to bring them Slack and achieve our own Slack in return. Here's hoping that the High Weirdness Project inspires you to make your own mark on the world.

Especial thanks to Reverend Ivan Stang, the author and compiler of "High Weirdness By Mail," upon which this Web site is based.


  1. Very interesting, lots of different viewpoints out there. I guess that is why I like the internet, so many viewpoints, theories, and utter nonsense.
    I happen to think and believe that most conspiracy theories really are wacky. Holocaust denial, 9/11 conspiracies galore, etc, just don't make alt of sense to me. I do believe that many of our politicans are sociopaths that would love to rule the world, but thank God they won't be able to.
    The one conspiracy nut that I didn't see anywhere was David Icke, and take the red pill. (I think he probably is a nice guy), but check out his beliefs- Bush, Blair, Thatcher, The Queen of England, and the list goes on are reptiles, and yes the Queen eats little boys,(or something horrific) like that. Check him out. It can scare the hell out of you, for he believes we all are in bondage, and it can also make you laugh, for alot of waht he writes about I think is pretty crazy, but I digress- Please go check for yourself, and thank you for putting out all this stuff.
    I am sincerely,
    Malcolm Davidson

  2. The weirdest part about the Church of the SubGenius is the fact that Bob looks like... my Uncle Bob. Really.

    (The guy in between the mushroom clouds): http://www.modemac.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/The_End_Is_Coming

    - John


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