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Make smart and timely group decisions with SurveyLET, our collaborative enterprise data collection and real-time analytics platform that is powered by the Delphi method, a consensus-oriented group decision making technique.

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10 Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Get Things Done

10 Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Get Things Done

You probably have plenty of reasons why you don’t get things done. Many of them are outside of your control. But instead of focusing on things you can’t control, focus on the biggest barrier, the one which you have the most control over: you.
You’re probably standing in your own way, so here are 10 things that will help you get out of your own way. Even if you do only three, you’ll finally be able to get things done.

1. Remember why you are doing it

Knowing why you are doing something is critical to getting it done. Humans hate doing things for no reason. Whether it’s washing the dishes, starting a business or filling out job applications, it must contribute to some larger purpose. If it doesn’t, quit doing it.


2. Think about the outcome

What are you going to get from doing this thing? When you don’t feel like doing it, focus on the outcome you’re seeking. Think about how that outcome will make your life better, no matter how big or small the improvement is. If that outcome doesn’t excite you, that’s probably why you aren’t doing it. Cross it off the list.

3. Focus on the important stuff

Nothing will drain your energy faster than working on or putting off tedious things that won’t move you toward your goal. For example, if you’re starting a business, stop moving commas and periods around in your business plan and go out and talk to some prospects. Sell something or get feedback to improve. Focusing on what will make a difference will motivate you and skyrocket your results.

4. Listen to music

There’s a reason music is so popular. It has a huge effect on how you feel. Use it as a tool to change your mood to whatever you want it to be. Create a playlist of songs that motivate the crap out of you. Play it while you work and while you procrastinate.

5. When you get tired, move around

Do some jumping jacks, some simple exercises, or (my personal favorite) just dance like an idiot for a few minutes. Despite common beliefs, you actually get energy from being active. Your body did not evolve to sit at a computer and work for hours at a time. You can do it, but you have to work to create the energy. Combine with point #4 for accelerated results.

6. When you get frustrated, meditate

You’re probably thinking too much. Calm down. Sit in a comfortable spot, relax and take some deep breaths to clear your mind for 10 minutes. If you really want to boost your productivity, meditatebefore you get frustrated in order to keep your mind clear, stay relaxed and avoid the frustration that stops you from getting things done.

7. Stop comparing yourself to other people

You know the feeling. You’re working on something and you suddenly stop in despair because you realize it’s not going to be as good as [insert celebrity, colleague, friend, relative] would do it. It stops you in your tracks. You say to yourself, “Why bother? It’s going to suck anyway.” First, this is probably not true. You are probably just as good or better than that person. Second, even if you can’t do it as well as that person, no problem. This is practice to make you better. Either way, there’s no reason to stop.

8. Give up the ridiculous idea of perfection

Perfection is a theoretical concept that does not exist in reality. You are probably waiting until the conditions are just right for it to be perfect. It will never be. That’s cool. You only have two choices: imperfect or nothing. Stop waiting to learn one more thing, get one more opinion, or make one last tweak. Just be OK with imperfection.

9. Pat yourself on the back — a lot

Your need for instant gratification is probably keeping you from getting things done. You’re jumping over to Facebook to see if anyone has commented on your status, or checking Twitter for an endorphin rush. You’ll probably get it there. But if you read this far, you want to get things done. Instead of turning to social media for instant gratification, tell yourself how awesome you are after you accomplish each little thing. I’m doing that after I write each of these 10 things. It works.

picjumbo.com_drinktea10. Help someone else

We love to help each other. It’s addictive for humans. When you are working on a project and just can’t seem to move forward, pick up the phone and call someone you can help. Offer some advice, feedback or expertise. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment. You’ll feel good about yourself and happy that you’ve contributed to someone else’s life. That’s a much better endorphin source than Facebook.
There are always external things you can’t control. They suck, but focusing on them won’t do any good. Focus on any three of these 10 things to get more done and feel better about what you have accomplished.

10 Things Highly Successful People Wish They Knew Earlier

It wasn’t all plain sailing for some of the most successful people on planet earth. A few things got in the way but above all, they wished they had known one or two things which could have made the long march easier. Discover what wise nuggets they wished they had grasped earlier on.
1. “You need to be patient. I was the president of a multinational corporation when I was 40, but I wanted to be there at 25! But you need experience, of course.” – Federica Marchionni, President of Dolce & Gabbana Inc.
Federica Marchionni started out in the technology sector and worked for Ericsson and Samsung. Moving into the luxury goods sector was a big change. She has learned to be patient enough to see through projects which have opened up new markets for Dolce & Gabbana. She has shown creativity and flair in nurturing high level relationships.
2.  “I wish that I knew how difficult it is to acquire a customer, get them to pay for your product and believe it’s as magical as you think it is.” – Neil Patel, co-founder of the analytics companies, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics
Neil Patel underestimated how difficult it was to actually get customers and keep them. His advice now is that you have to experiment with where you will find your best customers. He recommends engaging with every potential customer on a daily basis which will give you invaluable insights on what they want.
3. “After working ourselves to a point of being burned out we realized that if we put in 40 x 2 hours the company didn’t move forward 2x faster.” – Nick Francis, CEO of Help Scout
Nick Francis now knows that long hours are less and less productive. They are not the key to success. He is still committed to making his parents proud of him at the age of 32! Other ambitions are to keep his customers and employees happy. He is thrilled to be able to provide companies with front-end web development products to help them provide top class customer service.
4. “I wish I would have known that the career I started in didn’t necessarily have to be the career I stopped with.”- Chachanna Simpson, business and life coach at Your Stellar Star.
Basically, your career path is not set in stone and that you can change direction, as Chachanna Simpson discovered. Her video interviews with successful women in all walks of life are an inspiration to help with life lessons.
5. “Controlling your expenses is one of the most crucial steps toward the kind of financial independence that you need in order to follow your dreams in the future.”- Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.
Jimmy Wales recommends care with expenses in setting up your dream project and becoming financially stable.  He advises that you should never get into debt to purchase a luxury item. The only exception would be a student loan, he says. Now, I wonder what luxury item he bought?
6. “We’re so programmed to walk well-trodden paths. But, we live life only once. So, rather than avoiding the risk of trying, avoid the risk of not trying.” – Tim Westergren, Co founder of Pandora Radio.
In a recent interview, Tim Westergren said that you cannot know what you are getting into and that is the risk factor. Follow your gut instinct even it means failure and you will have no regrets.
Pandora is unique in that it uses the Music Genome which delivers your personalized music tracks based on the 400 musical attributes of your initial selections. No surprise to learn that it took 30 experts and five years of work to complete. Tim Westergren has described this particular journey as ‘harrowing’.
7. “Listen more” – Paul Bennett, Chief Creative Officer at IDEO, global design consultancy.
Paul Bennett did a lot of talking when he was younger and it was all geared to show how clever he was. He regrets that and it is no surprise to learn that as his main job is to inspire people, he has now .learned the art of listening.  No prizes for guessing who thought up IDEO’s motto ‘Talk less, do more’!
8. “If I had one piece of advice to give my younger self it would be to stop doing what makes you unhappy and focus on what makes you truly happy,” – Philippe Courtot, CEO of Qualys., cloud security company.
Philippe Courtot advises people to do what you really love and not to be distracted by other people’s opinions and advice. He was actively involved in Thomson GR Medical advertising campaign to promote mammography.
In an effort to make the Internet a safer environment for business, he has invested half a million dollars of his own money in TIM (Trustworthy Internet Movement) to help protect cloud computing from cyber criminals.
9. “The canvas of your life is painted with daily experiences, behaviors, reactions, and emotions, you’re the one controlling the brush.” – Oprah Winfrey.
Oprah Winfrey wishes she had known all about the canvas of her life and how she could have controlled it when she was much younger. This is essential in getting rid of those terrible doubts, worries, anxieties and lack of self confidence. Being the artist of your own life means you can change the colors at will and erase something you have done badly or could do better.
10. And above all, network, because networking is working. Your ability will only take you so far. Your relationships will take you the rest of the way.”- Denise Morrison, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company.
Denise Morrison realized too late the value of networking and if she had her time over again, she certainly would have done things differently. She is among the top 100 of the World’s Most Powerful Women list. She is highly respected because of her innate talent in preserving an iconic brand and at the same time discovering new customer bases. 
What are the things you wished you knew when you were younger that could have helped you do better?  Let us know in the comments below.

10 Things Highly Successful People Wish They Knew Earlier

How to Choose Your Battles and Fight for What Matters

A while back, I met a weird man who was filled with negative judgment for others. Even though he is highly successful — he has built several successful businesses and is easily a multi-millionaire — he seemed to have a heavy inferiority complex, constantly putting down others as if to make himself seem superior.
For example, after knowing that I blog and coach, he began to put down the profession of blogging and coaching, claiming that it could never be as lucrative as running a large organization (from his point of view). Then, at one point, he switched to dissing me about my dress style, which according to him, could do with more sophistication. (It was a casual day out, and I was wearing simple clothes as normal person would — forgive me for not dressing like I was going to the President’s dinner and dance party.)
Speaking to him was taxing, for he seemed to take offence at every little comment made, even if it was neutral. In between his insults, he would talk endlessly about his accomplishments even when not prompted, as if to justify his worth. And then when he wasn’t doing that, he would be putting down people he knew by speaking ill of them.
While irked by his behavior, I didn’t retaliate, but instead smiled and played nice.

How to Choose Your Battles and Fight for What Matters

14 Awesome Hacks Shared By A Startup CEO That Will Super Boost Your Productivity

14 Awesome Hacks Shared By A Startup CEO That Will Super Boost Your Productivity

Betaalverzoek inzake CJIB. Voorkom beslaglegging !?

Geachte bestuurder,
U hebt een beschikking en vervolgens twee aanmaningen ontvangen voor het overtreden van een verkeersvoorschrift.
Het openstaande bedrag is niet volledig op de rekening van het Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB) bijgeschreven.
Daarom zullen wij de bank opdracht beslag te leggen op uw rekening per maandag 2 juni 2014.
Alleen persoonlijk bij het BKR zelf kunt u inzage krijgen in de informatie die het BKR over u ontvangt.
Het beslag op uw rekening betekent dat de toegang tot uw rekening gelimieerd is met ingang 02-06-2014 voor een periode van vier werken.
Met de 3v online krediet kunt u online op onze website de betaling voldoen. U dient hieronder te klikken op " 3v credit kopen ".
Let op: nadat uw de 3v (prepaid credit) heeft gekocht dient u de 19 cijferige nummercode hieronder te activeren om de betaling te voldoen.
Klik hieronder op aanmaning betalen,
Het volledige bedrag van Eur 155,49 (inclusief kosten) moet uiterlijk 02-06-2013 worden betaald. Doet u dit niet, dan wordt u per 02-06-2014 geregisteerd bij BKR.
Voorkom BKR registratie.
Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau.

SEPA: bent u al over ? Wacht niet langer en kom in actie !

Geachte heer / mevrouw,
Vanaf 1 augustus 2014 worden alle eurobetalingen in Europa gestandaardiseerd, als gevolg van SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).
Banken mogen per 1 augustus 2014 alleen nog maar betalingen verwerken die zijn voorzien van een IBAN (het internationale rekeningennummer).
Hierdoor wordt het mogelijk om makkelijker internationale betalingen te doen.
Alle banken hebben zich hier op voorbereid en zullen de richtlijnen van SEPA al invoeren per 1 augustus 2014.
Wat merkt u van de overstap?
IBAN regelt de uitbreiding van uw bankrekeningnummer(s) automatisch voor u.
U hoeft daar dus niets voor te doen. Uw bankvertegenwoordiger gebruikt uw IBAN vanaf 1 augustus 2014 als nieuw bankrekeningnummer.
Onderneem nu actie
Bent u voor 1 augustus 2014 niet overgestapt op IBAN ? Dan loopt de continuпteit van uw betalingsverkeer mogelijk gevaar.
De overgang naar IBAN neemt dan maanden in beslag. Wacht daarom niet langer en start met voorbereiden, zodat u op tijd klaar bent.
Stap nu over !
Wij tonen uw IBAN op uw betaalpas. Dit doen wij op de plaats waar voorheen uw 9-cijferige rekeningnummer stond.
U ontvangt een betaalpas met IBAN gratis als u nu een nieuwe betaalpas aanvraagt.
Ook heeft u de mogelijkheid een nieuwe pin te kiezen of het oude te behouden.
Na 1 augustus betaalt u 17,50 EUR als u pas kwijt raakt of toe is aan een vervanging bij uw eigen bank.
Over op IBAN

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